This is not a joke. This is a plea: America, stand up and do something historic.
Peyton Manning hasn't asked for this. Super Tuesday has come and gone, and President Obama couldn't be happier with the results, the remains, and the likely November outcome. "Please wrap the election in a pretty bow and deliver it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue." Observing what's left of the lackluster cast, I can't blame him.

America needs a champion, a natural born winner, a man with class who recognizes the value of a protective, decisive offense as well as the necessity of an impenetrable defense. Calling audibles to forge an unlikely win doesn't come with the luxury of a teleprompter.

Why Peyton?
Reagan the President was once Reagan the actor, and not a very celebrated one at that. America elected such a man during dark times, with mutual assured destruction a very real risk indeed. Peyton Manning was – for lack of a stronger superlative – a superstar. Superbowl Champion, 11x Pro Bowler, 4x MVP, and a lengthy list of records only begin to outline his career achievements. Outside of football, he's a man's man, with a wife of 11 years, twin children, and a number of charitable efforts, including his own. He assisted in the delivery of 30,000 pounds of water, Gatorade, baby formula, diapers, and pillows to the people of New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. The man is without scandal and without apology. Let's get past career politicians and family dominance, and surprise Washington with a man who hasn't asked for the job in the first place and has a place to go when the job is done. For more in-depth, unbiased information on Peyton Manning, please visit his Wikipedia biography.

Stop settling and start talking. Only 0 days to decide the next four years.
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